About Ms. Sophie

As, I, Myself still journeys My inner self. I constantly explore, prod, dig, muck, wash out, all the “junk” that creates interference for seeing My true authentic self. Laughing…whatever THAT is! I, like the kaleidoscope, seem to change with each time I choose to “look” at some part of Myself that I have chosen previously to cover up or ignore. Being a playful sadist that I am…I began to pick at those concepts. I discovered the common denominator in all My things was…Me. So, I embraced the things I & others didn’t like and conquered them to make them work for Me and not against Me. I found that I am a very strong, opinionated dominate Female that is protective and nurturing. I have a playful side that exposes a fun sadist side with those that enjoy the thrill of not knowing just what is going to happen. I enjoy activities that others truly enjoy…being able to provide a safe & trusting environment to let go and dive deeper than they have attempted before. I love to share their experiences and excitement to try other activities.

In Beauty, Strength & Wisdom,
Ms. Sophie
Consultant,Dominatrix, Sexpert/Educator/Kink/Fetish Coach

Things you should know ….

  1. ) Life coaching/discussions/Educator/Consultant- a place & person to share your deepest thoughts without judgment. Who else are you able to share, explore or question thoughts & actions with someone that is willing to listen with interest & acceptance? To be willing to accept ALL of you…just the way you are? To give you “tough luvs” if you need it? To look at the bdsm lifestyle without the Hollywood/porn stereotypical misconceptions.
  2. ) Couple Coaching/Mentoring partners- helping a significant other to understand your fetish & possibly learning the art of FemDomme.
  3. ) Exploring your Feminism- I call it “Get your Gurl on!)-Let’s go shopping and to lunch! Pamper with nails & pretty polished toes! Shop for all your needs from wigs, lingerie, heels and clothes/jewelry. Go for professional make up session. And if you want to show all this beauty off…off to a night club to dance away the night! Glow like the princess you really are!
  4. ) Exploring your inner kink, foot/leg/shoe worship, bondage, corporal punishment, electrical, Chasity/key holder, tease & denial of orgasm, strap on play, anal training, cbt( cock & ball torture). Submerging into your inner “sub space”. SSC- safe, sane & consensual and RACK- risk aware, consensual & kink friendly.
  5. ) Financial domination- Needing to serve your Queen in the most intimate of ways- to provide Her with her dreams & wishes…to be the cornerstone of Her foundation of Her Success. To know you are privileged to Her deepest desires and that you are helping to make Her wishes come true for Her.
  6. ) Unique fetishes/kinks- role play (teacher,doctor, boss, super hero, Mother Superior, black mailing etc.), trampling, tickling, arm pit worship, balloons, object worship, verbal triggers, urethral sounds, pool rafts and other unique ones to be discussed.   I have over 6 yrs of international experience on cam.


Limits- Health – MUST be in good health with no communicable diseases- a waiver & disclosure will be signed.

  • Age- 18 yrs and older.
  • No adult baby, child sexual role play
  • No bestiality
  • No toilet training
  • No face sitting- NO SEX
  • No cuckholding
  • No  real blackmail

Available for travel in the US & International

Available for Consultations on Skype & Phone

Available for Radio & Television interviews

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