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So many good videos on You Tube explaining the Two spirits.   These are but two of them.  The males that enjoy any part of the Feminine aspects of dressing, behaviors, skills and inner knowing are to be celebrated of their higher awareness of self.

Navajo Traditional Culture

Recognizes four types of people- Feminine Woman, Masculine Man, Feminine Man and Masculine Woman

I’m not sure how accurate this is since I’m not sure just how he determined the criteria for the sex orientation, whether or not the person was in a relationship and so on.  I know if I order something on line, I certainly don’t fill out an information survey.  But, is interesting and a rather large business!!!

John Millward-Analysis of one million sex toy sales in the UK says about our tastes, kinds and desires

Photography project explores male entitlement and the female experience

I re posted an excellent article on a photography project on male entitlement and the Female experience in “In the News” section.   Please check it out.   I was chatting with a younger male today, early 30’s, and was telling him about the article.  He had never thought of his inner mental dialog as harmful.  I explained to him it in this way…We Females have no natural predators…except the human male.  There are no tigers ( or similar threats) in modern day.  We can get food, housing, etc to fulfill out needs.  We, as little Girls, are taught to suppress our sexuality, sensuality and our Femininity so we do not attract unwanted attention ( males).  Boys, on the other hand, are given the “slap on the back” to express their “manliness”  by “sowing their oats” with Females that “ask for it”, or are “those types of Girls” ( Girls that are freely expressing their selves ).  Those Girls are not for marriage…only for “play”.  When boys are told it is natural that they can not control there baser instincts and that it is OK for them to express them…I have heard that before…”well, that is the way males are and there is no changing that “fact”.  It allows males to “use” Females and society encourages Females to be “independent Woman” and use the same principles as the male counterpart that devalues our true inner nature to be closed down emotionally to be able to be used.  An excellent book by Bell Hooks “The Will to Change”- men, masculinity, and love- tells of the twisted patriarchal system that both males & Females have bought in to that has caused unsatisfied and emotionally crippled males that are angry..the anger is directed at the Female or at themselves.   The Female is confused with Her self and dissatisfied with the male.  I highly recommend it.

The Girls that suppress their natural Feminine instincts are subliminally instructed to shut down to be “worthy” of marriage.  With this suppression, we don’t value ourselves, shrink ourselves and become powerless.  Our only true predator, is the human male.  We are taught to protect ourselves from rape, robbery and molestation…the person that does that fear is the male being stronger & aggressive.  (Now, there are incidents of Females harming Females but in a much smaller percentage and in different ways.)   We, as Females have to worry about going out alone at night, how we dress, how we act & what we say,  locking up the doors at night, male harassment in the work place, robbery, and many more things that tells us we are vulnerable to the male- he is a possible threat.  Sadly, many fathers & brothers do not  help the empowerment of the Females in their lives.  The Mothers could possibly be the worst offender with “protecting” the virginity of Her daughter and if it is compromised in anyway…then Her “worth & value” is sullied.    Old patriarchal themes run strong with no contesting the wrongness of it.  And males wonder why we are so sexually repressed and not “fun” in bed…with thoughts of the “other Girls” they had been with when they were younger or go to porn for their “dirty desires’ to be fulfilled.  Dirty desires such as: anal sex, gang bangs, watching bondage & whipping/pain to a Female,  cum dump whores- violent fantasy’s, that if, we as Females discover would be frightened and concerned.  We ask ourselves…is this what he likes to see?   Is this what turns him on?  To watch a Female be degraded, harmed and brutally used…even if it is “fantasy”?  What else is he thinking of?

We as Females, are confused when the male does go elsewhere to fulfill these his sexual “needs” (that a Female partner will not do)…after all…we were told “good Girls” didn’t do those kinds of things, right?  And, we as Females, think any Female that does “those” kinds of sexual things” deserve whatever She gets ( rape, no marriage, disease/illness, etc.) and is to be shunned.  The harsh judgments from cultures, religions, communities and countries keep the Female in a very powerless position…to feel vulnerable, soft & protected is a birth right for all Females.  Now, there are Females that embrace the submissive role and that is a whole other story!

All Females need to be valued, worshiped and adored for all their aspects of beauty, softness and love with NO fear of being harmed….EVER!!

Wouldn’t it be beautiful and bountiful for all if males revered Females as sacred beautiful beings and Females adored the worshiping male as a beautiful part of Her being to be expressed in all ways…Love, softness and sensuality.  What would it take for every Female everywhere to feel valued & safe?  And, honestly…males would have more sex then they could handle and have deep connections that they seek.

I work in the porn cam model business, and on a daily basis an confronted with the attitude that this isn’t “real” work and that I must be “one of those girls” and can’t get enough so I “whore” Myself out to anyone who does a show.  This is very realistic to what I have heard for almost 5 years.  It is farther from the truth then anyone knows.  That story will be for another blog.

Photography project explores male entitlement and the female experience

Re Post from Boingboing

This is a very profound article…is gives a “picture” of what it is to be a Female and the possible impact of male thoughts.  I especially like the comment of the “blank” look on the Female..a way to distance O/ourselves to the  “unspoken” energy directed at us.


Be sure to check out the pics I have finally posted to the gallery!  I did receive the Bionic strap on…as you can see…there is quite a size difference!  Since I am a size Queen…I am rather disappointed.  I mean, c’mon…it is called “Bionic”, for heaven’s sake!

Come meet “Boss Lady”, “Chocolate Cock”, “Waldo” and “Bionic”



Strap ons

Strap ons


I’m very pleased to announce that a boy of Mine has purchased the Bionic strap on for Me!  Bionic Dildo/strap on

It will be available for session June 1st.  I’m very curious on the feedback.  Of course, My boy will be the first to take it for a “spin”.   lol   I will post his experience of it and share it with you!  Love, love new toys!

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