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This is disturbing in so many ways.  Not only does the porn/sex industry prey on these girls but, media supports to be a modern Female is to be open sexually.  This is so sad in the way these girls have not had a chance to even experience life in a positive way before they are exploited until they are used up.  I see so much of it on cam  compromising self. And at the stripper bars with the easy money for sexual acts.  It gives Her the message the Her value is Her body only.   Anyone that has had family or friends that have been in the sex industry at a young age have witnessed the heartbreaking life they live.   Young Women Suckered into Porn

Wondering if this will be the standard for porn/sex videos now.  Many porn/sex companies decided to film & show the males with condoms and that made it more acceptable for some to protect themselves.  Even with the strict rules of the testing, it still has its risks in the industry.  May create another fetish with the OSHA requirements!  The mask lovers will enjoy this!  lol

In California Porn/Sex Actors Must Wear Protective Equiptment

I added a great re post from The Huffington Post that contains lots of great information.  So….get to rubbing, stroking and definitely…ENJOYING!!!

The Masturbation Marathon is being held in Philadelphia this year….the” city of brotherly love” will be the” city of self love” for a month.   =)

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