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Reading this article is not surprising to Me…times have changed for both males & Females..sadly, not for the better.   Having gone thru various situations Myself and knowing how deeply it affected Me, I ponder the outcome of our society.   With tender young bodies and minds warped in to place of no value…what will maturation of this generation and the generations before this that has made the precious  body & soul so disposable…be like?   Even angrier?  More unsatisfied?  More medicated?  More depressed?   When will both Females & males experience the deeply touching bonding of themselves that start with self love & honoring oneself?   If, at the age of 7-8 years old, girls are shaving body hair all over so they are not called names and worry about peer pressure…at what age do they experience truly knowing themselves?  Or is that also “skipped” like most of childhood things?  As adults, we envy the carefree lifestyle & less pressure we remember as a kid…we were very anxious to be an that we are..we find it is hard and long for that time before.   How do we explain that to the generation to come?

Lost Innocence

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