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birdcageI have a younger male that visits Me on cam when he can.  He has a significant other that is not into any of the D/s.  And he is just starting to explore it via cyber with My shows with role playing to what I’d do to him & make him do. He enjoys My attitude on liking taking control of him & pushing him harder in his mind.  So, hadn’t seen him in a week or so..he pops into My room explaining his absence that his significant other had him on “lock down” (under close supervision) before Her trip out of town for 1 1/2 weeks.  He had been thinking of our role play suggestion that I’d put him in chastity and ordered on line My favorite device- the Bird Cage- a stainless steel cock cage.  He wanted to experience this while She was away.  I was VERY pleased and we set up the morning after he dropped Her off at the airport.   He showed Me the cock cage in place on cam video and gave his pledge & committed to the full time.  I gave him some instructions about the cage & to stay in touch via email over the weekend since I am not on cam on Sunday.   As you can see…a very happy boy!  =)  I will post each update.

Update 1

As I further progress submitting to you via cock cage I have come to a couple conclusions. Like you said stainless steel is steel. That being said I haven’t taken off this delightful device and that I have continued to where it all day. It stays hidden pretty well under my pants, so luckily my friend thats over didn’t notice a thing. I did find out if I move to fast or take a confident step when I walk I can hear the lock bounce off the cage. This actually didn’t really make me worry or embarrassed but yet it excited me which meant…my poor throbbing cock is trying to break out of this cage like the incredible hulk without success.

The worst part of the day was when I was at the bar with my friend eating lunch and shooting the shit. The topic of the girls we banged came up and when I started to share things about my current girlfriend with my friend on what she likes and what she does in the sack I found myself very excited. So excited I could only picture myself sitting in the corner, cock locked up watching my girlfriend on her knees working my friends cock with determination. The image was so vivid in my head that my dick got so hard like before it wanted to break out. My cock tried to get so hard it became real painful and I had to go into the bathroom to just drop my pants and boxers to let cool air try to make it shrink.

After that happened in my mind I reconfirmed that my cock no longer belonged to me and continued to brave the afternoon. I got lucky as we switched topics and just caught up. Now it’s night time and my friend is sleeping out on the couch and myself sleeping in my bedroom typing my nightly check-in with you. I lay here naked, cock locked in a cage trying to think of anything that wont arouse me. Trying to remain calm but also reflect on today and what is taking place. The battle in my head is quite fierce between “My Cock,” no
“Your Cock.” This is not only an exciting new exploration of my sexual life, but its slowly allowing myself to give someone control over my sexual life and to me thats exciting.

So once again here I lay naked, locked up, wondering if I’ll survive the night, along with that feeling of “what if I take this off” and the consequences that would follow from you. This is new, exciting, hopefully this reassures me that women truly are the dominate sex and that men should be kept in line. Goodnight! 😉


Update 2

Here I am on Sunday afternoon. I survived the night locked up! lol

So here’s a quick update, so I woke up this morning and my balls were throbbing so I did exactly what you said.. I snuck out of the bedroom and went to the kitchen and quietly opened up the freezer (friend slept over on the couch) and grabbed a ice pack. After I iced my balls for 5 minutes or so I felt great again. Since I went out last night drinking I had to go pee this morning, so that was definitely interesting. Sit down, try to aim between the slots in the cage and go, then wipe the cage clean.

It’s the afternoon, and I got horny way to much after my friend left cause I was looking at naked pics of my girlfriend. That being said my balls are getting pumped up and are lightly throbbing which for me right now makes me feel like I’m in my place. Like I’m ready to be spanked by your paddle or even you rub that electrical wand over my chest and nipples shocking me.

Hopefully my balls stop throbbing as much last tonight so I’m able to fall asleep and stay asleep. Have a good one!

Update 3

Hello Mistress.

Last night when I was trying to fall asleep I couldn’t help but think of you. Pulling me along with a leash attached to my cock cage through a public event. This made it so hard to fall asleep, my cock throbbing within the cage. Though I some how managed to stay asleep through the whole night which I was very pleased by. My balls didn’t hurt as much as the first morning. Though they were a tiny bit sore but as I moved around during my morning routine the pain went away.

I was lucky in the sense I was able to work from home today, I just don’t think I’m quite that ready to be out at work for a full day with this thing on. I have mixed feelings about it, one side of me would be super nervous and quite scared but I also think it would be super exciting. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow! Obviously I checked in with you today on cam in order for you to see that I was being an obedient naughty little boy and still locked up. After I checked in with you I ended up going to the corner store to grab some food. Lets just say I was turned on the whole way there and especially when I got inside of the store. Instantly my cock was throbbing trying to break out the cage so bad, the tip was pressed against the front of the cage so hard I could feel the bars of the cage leaving major indents on my cock. I even took confident strides making the lock kind of bounce on the cage so you could hear the metal clinging as I walked through the store. The whole day was quite pleasant without any discomfort (unless I got turned out of course). The cage is getting more and more comfortable the longer I wear it, my balls slowly getting use to the cage pressing up against them in a squeezing like motion.

As I go through this journey I keep reminding myself that I am the weaker sex, and that women are true the goddesses that I should be serving on my knees. I’m slowly associating my cock getting hard while in the cock cage with pain/disappointment. Most of the time I feel like I’m doing something wrong when it happens.

That pain also makes me want to feel more pain like paddles, electric wands, whips, and spankings.
That disappointment also makes me want to have to crawl over to you when called for and kiss your heels while you belittle me.

I can only hope that tomorrow is as pleasant as today was and that when I walk into the office tomorrow wearing this cock cage and see the women there, that I should only be viewing them as the goddesses they are.


Update 4

I  woke up this morning still locked tightly away without any pain or discomfort. I did my normal routine in the morning, and got dressed for work still locked in my cage but as I walked towards my door to leave I just couldn’t do it. The thought of getting caught or someone finding out at work scared me, so needless to say I broke your number 1 rule by taking my cock cage off without your permission. I went to work without being locked up and the interesting thing is that I felt almost naked without the cage. I missed the pressure on my balls from the heavy cage swinging back and forth from walking around. I also missed the feeling of the steel bars on the tip of my cock. I’m getting use to the sensations and even the pain (almost makes me want more pain). Throughout the day I couldn’t but help to think of what you would say to me since I took the cock cage off without your permission, it made me feel disappointed in myself. Though I also couldn’t wait to get back home and get myself locked back up.

As I rushed home from work I made a mental plan of what I would do. I quickly got through my door, and got in the shower to get nice and clean. When I got out I took time to clean the cage before putting it on. Once I was ready to put it on I mentally went through the steps to get the cock back on my cock.

1. Put my balls through the ring
2. Slide my shaft through the ring
3. Give my shaft/balls a decent pull (to make sure the ring is fully on)
4.Get into the state of mind of not being turned on (hardest thing to do)
5.Put tip of cock into the cage
6.Start working the sides of your dick through the cage while slowly pushing the cage on
(hard not to get turned on, if you get turned on mid way through getting your cock into the cage it causes immense pain)
7.Double check the cage is on all the way
8.Slide the cage pins into the ring all the way (secures the ring and cage together)
9.Put lock on, snap it shut and make sure its locked
10.Toss key blindly into the closet (takes the temptation away somewhat because you have to take time to find the key)


When I completed getting the cage back on and locked, I got online and checked in like a good naughty boy. When I saw your face and told you I failed at going to work with it on I felt so disappointed in myself. Like I was ready to drop into the doggy position and wait for the spankings. I do like being locked up more and more. I just need to get outside more while wearing it and just get use to the possibility of someone noticing it. Thats so far the biggest obstacle to overcome. I do think of what’ll happen after this week and a half comes and goes. Will I ever be able to wear it again? Will I ever wear it for more than a hour or two a day? Why can’t my significant other get on board with this?

Questions, questions, question…For now I’m just enjoying this whole experience.


Day 5

Once again I woke up today locked up and still was feeling amazing. I still couldn’t wear it to work today, I think the fear of having someone that knows me find out is just to great at this time. I am however able to wear it out and about with strangers i.e. grocery stores, car wash, go out for a walk. The fear of being caught is way lower when I know only strangers could possible tell or find out. To somewhat make up for not wearing it to work I wore my black PPU mesh skirt jockstrap which makes me feel naughty/submissive. I could not stop thinking about getting my cock back in the cage all day at work. It almost feels wrong not to have it on especially now since I can sleep with it on with having any discomfort.

So right when I got home I put it on and went to the grocery store and got dinner for tonight, then I also went to the car hand wash place to wash my vehicle. I was moving around with the cage swinging between the my legs in my pants. I felt naughty but when my cock started to get hard and started to throb really hard against the cage I had to take a quick second to stand still and try to think of anything that wasn’t sexual. After that I came back and tried checking in with you as usual but my internet seems to keep dropping. I’ll def try later so I can show you visibly that it’s back on.

One thing I wish about this whole experience, is if it had the actual physical interaction between us/someone because I think the verbally/physically reinforcement of how I should be the submissive one only aiming to please my Master could leave a mental impact. Like my cock is definitely learning that I’m not allowed to get hard until it comes out of the cage and it now gets soft when I pull the cock cage out of it’s velvet pouch, almost like it knows I have to get it on immediately. I know for a fact if my significant other was even slightly interested in this that I would hint at it as soon as possible. I think if they were also more open they’d really like this option of locking my cock up due to fear of me cheating, like having that control and power over me.

I’ll check in with you tomorrow as usual!


Day 6

Sleeping locked away securely is now second nature to me, no issues whatsoever. Though I still couldn’t get over the mental hurdle of being caught by someone I know. Luckily I didn’t have to stay at work long at all so I think my cock was only out of the cage for 3 hours, and now since Friday is coming up I’ll be locked away til Monday straight. No time off with the cage considering I have less than a week left before this journey becomes s secret one…well at least for now.

I love having my cock locked away in this device and I already feel partially naked without it on for the days I went to work, even if it only was for a few hours. I get turned on a lot when thinking of my significant other accepting this “kink.” Not only do I feel submissive but I think it’d make her feel like she’s more in control and I think she would definitely like that. Hopefully one day I might be able to drop the hint and who knows maybe she’d be accepting/participate in some of the other fetishes I have, mainly this one though. It’s been a joyous experience though like how I stated the other day the physical/verbal discipline and abuse would definitely be the icing on this cake and truly make me appreciate this cock cage fully.


Day 7

So a complete week is here that I’ve gotten to wear this cock cage on and off. The more I stay in it the more comfortable it is and which makes me just want to wear it longer. I was able to stay home today and work which was great because I slept soooo good and knowing that I was stilled locked tightly in my cage when I awoke was just mmm mmm.

By far the best part of this day (friday) was the fact I went to the corner store for lunch and the place was packed. Alot of people in line for food and tons of people up and down the aisle. I totally forgot that it was lunch time at that moment so when I got there I definitely got hard (tried) within the cage. I was wearing my workout shoes, some track pants, boxers and a white t-shirt. You could really hear the lock moving about every time I took a step. I just blocked it out of my head and just went about my business because I figured the faster I move the less likely someone may notice it. Once I got back to my place I continued to work into the evening.

After dinner when the sun was starting to set I decided to go for a little walk. This time before I left I took my boxers off, so I just had the track pants on for bottoms. As soon as I took the first step outside my place the lock bounced off the cage making a *clink* like sound very loudly. Plus without the boxers on the outline of the cage, the bars, where the cage meets the ring to be locked was clearly visible. Being locked away in front of strangers doesn’t really bother me especially when it gets darker outside. I do wish I had the tighter ring for this cage. Right now I have a 2 inch ring, I think I’d like to get the 1.5 inch ring for this cage. The only problem is they don’t sell the rings separately so I’d have to completely re-buy a new cage or maybe a different one if you have any suggestions ;). My balls can tell that they’re not going to get a release so sometimes they don’t get full and keep the ring on the tightest making you rearrange every once in awhile because the ring slides down.


Day 8

So it’s official I’ve been wearing this cock cage on and off for over a week now. It’s been a very exciting experience and I’m happy that I actual went ahead and got a cock cage. That first day and how much I struggled to get the cage on and keep it on compared to now in which right when I pull the cage out of its pouch my cock instantly gets soft like it knows its getting locked away. I think any woman would love to see that happen and actually see that she can really control me.

Today I just went for a small road trip and did a small hike..I still haven’t taken off the cage since Thursday afternoon. I only really notice it when I take to big of step and it really swings, and I can hear the lock bounce off the top of the cage other than that I hardly notice it there. I have been constantly wearing it for a few days and showering with it on now so keeping the cage clean does take some work. Mainly just making sure it completely dries before you put clothes on etc. Luckily there’s more than 1 blow dryer here so I literally get a blow job to make sure I’m fully dry. Other than that just wipe it down once or twice a day.

Can’t wait for day 9, the more time wearing this the better! Need more time locked up! HELP!!! lol



Day 9

Here we are at day 9, I feel great, sleep great and I have nothing to really complain about today. I woke up feeling fantastic, did my morning routine and then put my PPU mesh skirt jock/thong underwear on because today was chore day. I cleaned my entire place, vacuumed, did the dishes all while having every window open (maybe someone enjoyed the show). very enjoyable doing all the cleaning, locked up wearing some sexy undies, now where’s my older woman yelling at me keeping me in line? I can only wish at this point to have that. I did have to run garbage out so I put on my track pants and a tank top and as I was bringing my garbage to the dumpster I came across a older lady who in fact was my neighbor and her and I stood outside for a bit talking to each other. She ended up bringing up the fact she sees me at the gym every once in awhile and was wondering how I stayed in decent shape. As I was telling her what I typically do at the gym I couldn’t help but make eye contact with her every once in awhile and also seeing her eyes kind of doing a once over of me. It makes me wonder if she felt the sexual tension coming from me…It’s been quite sometime since I last got off at all, especially since I bought the cock cage. All I know is when we said good bye we made eye contact and both smiled at each other. This was actually one of my interactions with someone that lasted more than a minute or 2. Other than that nothing crazy happened, just finished all my chores and made dinner and relaxed, locked away tightly waiting for someone to come knocking at my door to dominate me. I wonder who I could be thinking about?

I’m sure I sound like a broken record but I still crave for that physical/verbal abuse, just to be put in place and my only option would be to just submit. That seems like it plays a huge role in this submissive/cock cage situation.

Day 10, 11 & 12

I  really didn’t do much the last day or two besides relaxing and doing household chores. Here’s what I have noticed though about wearing the cage for several days straight. If you constantly wear this you get into the mentality of never getting a hard on unless with some crazy command or action. That being said your balls also get to realize this so they don’t necessarily “fill up” or whatever but they actually end up sagging a tiny bit more. This made the cage less comfortable because the base ring was to loose especially when I was walking around a lot and it also begin to sage even more down my shaft. Obviously it won’t fall off but it will have an almost pinch/pressure feel pressed against your balls. I think by having a slightly smaller ring (1.75) it would be the best of both worlds of the tightness to keep it in place, but yet loose enough at night that you could actually still fall asleep and wake up without to much pain. I really wish I had the 1.75 inch base ring, the only problem is this specific cock cage only comes with 1 base ring, and to my knowledge and a little research the rings aren’t sold separately. that means you’d have to spend another 100 bucks for a new cage and the smaller ring ( ring sizes 1.5, 1.75, and 2 inches). LAAMMEEE! Anyways this cage is now like a part of me I hardly really notice it unless I’m walking around a lot.

I was asked who was I going to cum for…my partner, or Mistress Sophie since my partner comes back tomorrow night. I was actually kind if puzzled myself because during this whole process of being locked up and not cumming, that the act and thought of cumming for whomever never crossed my mind until it was brought up by someone else. Then I was like ” oh yeah who do I get to unload for?” ( I haven’t gotten off for almost a month I think). So what I came up with was, well if my partner doesn’t get me off by this up coming Monday that Mistress Sophie will definitely drain me empty and then some on Tuesday.

I’ve cum so hard during some of our online sessions that even being sexual with my partner wasn’t an option. Though I’m still very conflicted with my choice because normally it would definitely be the Master/Mistress or whomever is in charge to determine when you get to get off. Though I do like how the option is also up to me just because I’m not pressured, and I’m also new to this whole experience. I guess these up coming days will be interesting with taking this cage off and letting it flop all around again, ahaha.

Mistress  Sophie

There will be a final update and ending to Nate’s experience as soon as the outcome presents itself.   Since he does have a significant other, I gave him the choice of who he wanted to end this experience with.  Naturally, I do want it to be Me.  =)

**There was a bit of a delay in this update- Nate was camping for 3 days.

Day 13- Final Update

Well my partner came back a few days ago. I’m already missing being locked away, I find myself missing the weight, and the feeling of the pain I would get when getting a hard on. Needless to say the first night back my partner wanted my cock and when I came, it felt so amazing, so much pressure was released it almost hurt with how much force was behind it. When I was cumming I kind of felt like I was doing something wrong still yet like I was letting my mistress down. Though I know she wouldn’t be to displeased because this was my first experience into the chastity journey, which was amazing. It’s been a few days since I’ve had my cock locked up even for a few minutes, I almost can’t wait to be able to sneak it on every once in awhile just to get the feeling of not being in control.

This experience was just amazing and I would recommend it to every guy out there just to try it, to feel the helplessness along with not having control. This just reinforces how I long for a one on one session even if it was in “secret,” just to get the full effect and enjoyment out of being dominated by a woman. Even when I think about it I get hard, and that’s why I should be locked up. My cock gets instantly hard and like I stated before I miss the pain along with not being able to get a full erection.

Not only did I enjoy this experience and makes me want more, it also makes me want to go further with the pain and giving up control. Maybe one day that can happen, and maybe even one day my partner would be more open for it. The future holds a lot of unknowns with the fetish/kink scene. Well I suppose this is my last update….Nate signing off, until next time!

The universe can be a funny place sometimes. I’ve been doing a lot of research about a form of mental abuse that a lot of us are not only susceptible to, but actually deal with every single day. It is one of those things that we don’t even realize is happening to us, we just see the results: self-doubt, diminished self-esteem, and reduced self-worth. The world has a way of beating even the best of us down from time to time but this specific form of manipulation is one that can be identified and removed from our day-to-day existence.
Back in 1938, there was a play called “Gas Light” that was later adapted into a movie in 1944. In the story, a husband works diligently to convince his wife and their acquaintances that she is insane by making very small and subtle changes to their environment. When the wife would point out the changes, the husband convinced her that she was wrong about the changes and that she was crazy. Slowly but surely, the wife starts to give in to the self-doubt created by those subtle changes, namely a gas lamp that the husband keeps dimming, hence the term “gaslighting”.
In the play, the key was the husband’s ability to alter the wife’s perception of reality. She saw the lamp as being dimmer and the husband assures her that it is not. He made he doubt her perception, and therefore her reality. It is a form of mental abuse that people too often don’t even realize what is happening to them. For the perpetrator, the ability to control the victim’s own perceptions of themselves and the things around them allows them to control the victim themselves. In reality, it happens every single day. It’s all around us. How many advertisements do you see that claim that using their product will somehow enhance your life? That’s a mild form of gaslighting. You are made to think that some aspect of you or your life is incomplete. You are made to DOUBT yourself. Further, you are made to think that whatever product is being peddled is the solution to what is supposedly lacking in your life.
The specific situation that inspired this article involved one of the most beautiful and amazing women I have ever known dealing with a break up from a man that never deserved to be with her in the first place. I explained to her that there are people in our lives who will try to break us down to be on their level . So, what is the answer to gaslighting?
I’ll tell you now, the same thing I told her:
You see, my friend, there are people in this world who will look at a unicorn and think to themselves, “woah, that is a unicorn, which is something I will never be.” They will try to convince you, the unicorn, that you are just an average horse like them with a weird growth on your head that you should probably get checked out by some kind of medical professional that deals with head growths. They will try to steal your magic and make you as dull and ordinary as the plain, old horses that they are. Because they need you to be a plain, old horse like they are, just to bring you down to their level
As we’ve established: you are not just a plain,old horse. You are not a fast race horse. You aren’t even one of those fancy British horses that those chicks in those hot pant/knee-high boot getups use to jump over stuff.
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