I came across a fetish I had never come across before, so, being Me, I requested him to write the story down.  He gave Me permission to publish it.  I find it incredibly interesting learning how fetishes start and progress.  Here it is:

As per your request, Mistress here is the explanation of my kinks, as I understand them,

First, I should describe what I am,
Therefore, I am a bisexual sissy with a clown, humiliation and chastity fetish. I am very submissive.
My journey began very early, clowning had always been the family business, my grandparents were clowns, my parents were clowns and I am one as well. As a child, I was part of numerous clown groups and my family spent a lot of time with other clowns and their children. It was from this that I found my first crush in a slightly older girl who was the daughter of professional clowns. We found ourselves together quite a bit, seeing each other many times a week and being homeschooled together while we traveled with our parents. This went on all through our childhood and our teenage years where we developed into young adults with all the feelings that come with it. Our relationship changed into one of passion and excitement and blossomed into love, on my 18 birthday we married. We did so in costume and makeup as the clowning was a huge part of our lives. We lived quite happily for a few years and toured with our parents, but in the bedroom, we began to delve into the kinky side of life, it started with simple lovemaking in costume and eventually it just rather escalated to more. A few months before I turned 25, we left the show our parents toured with and settled in Washington DC. It was there that we began to explore sissy play; with our background in theatrics, it was easy to make the costumes and do the makeup. I found myself enamored with the idea of being a sissy and a clown and she loved the idea of dominating me as such, chastity was introduced and we both loved it. My love was taken from me a few years ago by breast cancer but the kinks remain, so here I am a Sissyclown. Now and forever more.

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