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Did a photoshoot Aug. 22, 2015  with a local photographer.  He normally does young strippers with big boobs & tattoos and has submitted his work to ink magazines with success!   He was gracious to photograph Me ( since I am not any of his usual clientele/models).   lol   Here are a few teasers.


steelwaldobra-hair redcorset-whip redchair-legout uplookredchair upskirt bitewhip

I get a lot of males that desire a D/s relationship and they ask how do they find one?   I repeat Myself often by saying- work on your self, know yourself, and what you have to offer a Woman.  The ridiculous ratio of D’s to S’s could have the Domme running a “sub” ranch if She chooses.  You MUST stand out from all the rest..which means work on yourself!   This is a wonderful article that states a “no bullshit” response to that call of the elusive Domme.   Be a person She can respect.

I added a great re post from The Huffington Post that contains lots of great information.  So….get to rubbing, stroking and definitely…ENJOYING!!!

The Masturbation Marathon is being held in Philadelphia this year….the” city of brotherly love” will be the” city of self love” for a month.   =)


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