Fetish Quiz

1. Do you feel you have a kink or fetish?

2. What kind?

3. Are you accepting of it?

4. Does anyone else know about?

4a. You told them?

4b. Or did they find out in another way?( Possibly seeing you practice your kink/fetish or seeing the toys or someone else told them about it)

5. Do you feel it affects your life in some way?

5a. Positive or negative way?

6. Do you practice your kink or fetish in life?

6a. Is it still in fantasy form only?

6b. In person sessions or on line?

7. Are you a member of the kink/fetish community?

7a. Attend gatherings?

7b. On line only?

8. If you could…would you erase or end your kink/fetish?

9. Do associate with others in the kink community?

10. Do you know of someone that has a kink or fetish?

11. Are you accepting of it?

11a. Or tolerate it?

11b. Or ignore it?

12. Are you interested in exploring the kink/ fetish world if in a safe trusted environment?

You have finished the quiz.

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